You will find a wide variety of bottles, here is a small sampling of what is out there, but keep in mind there are more than we could ever show on this page so enjoy these and happy hunting.



This is the club bottle we had made in 2008 to celebrate our clubs 40th anniversary.  The bottle was limited to 50 and it was made with help of our friends from the New Zealand Mini Bottle Club. This Bourbon was bottled  in New Zealand by Southern Grain Spirits.  It is 45 ml and 37% alc/vol.  Many of the Mini Bottle clubs have had bottles produced for them, sometimes for their shows and other times to commemerate an event.  Club bottles are fun to find and add to your collection.

Euphoria Cannabis Vodka is one of the unusual bottles you can find from the Czech Republic. The vodka is made with real Cannabis Leaves and there are cannabis leaves in the bottle. It is 50 ml and 38% alc/vol (or 76 proof).

Cooperstown Distillery in Cooperstown New York, has 3 baseball shape minis. Doubleday Bourbon, Doubleday Doubleplay Vodka and an American Rye Whiskey.  All 3 bottles are 50 ml and each has an embossed baseball diamond on the bottom.

McCormick made lots of really interesting bottles.  This one is Paul Revere from the Patriots series that came out in 1976 to commerate the bicentenial.  Other bottles in the series were George Washington, Patrick Henry, Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, John Paul Jones, John Hancock and Thomas Jefferson.

Ski Country is another company that has put out many Figural bottles.  This is one of the many birds they have done the Prairie Falcon. This limited Edition  bottle was put out in 1980.

Ocean Vodka made on Maui put out this Mini.  This is the 4th different bottle (well 5th if you take into account this is the second generation of the Ocean "ball" bottle).  There is also a straight glass bottle and 2 plastic bottles available.  This however is the  most unique of their bottles.

This is the Absinthe 80 Vamp Series from Nadal in Spain.  Nadal puts out a variety of these sets Including Absinthe 80, Absinthe 89.5, and Cannabis Absinthe 80.  Most sets come in the colors shown.

This Vatted American Whiskey is from the George Washington Distillery in Mount Vernon.  It came is a boxed set with a shot glass and was available only at the Mount Vernon Gift Shop.  It contains a blend of George Dickel, I.W. Harper, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Maker's Mark, Platte Valley, Rebel Yell, Very Old Barton Virginia Gentleman, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve.  These brands were transported to the George Washington Distillery where they were blended and bottled. The bottle is 50 ml and the whiskey is 60.6% alc/vol.

The Salute 2000 Vodka bottle is a very nice window vodka bottle.  The picture in the window is the Statue of Liberty.  This was a very hard to find bottle up until a few years ago when 4 or 5 cases were discovered.  The bottle became a little easier to find and found it's way into many happy collectors hands.

Forcall from Argentina made a variety of different Figural bottles.  Bowling pins, Clowns, fruits, to name a few.  Many of the bottles contain Whisky but some of them contain other liquors.  Here we have a cocktail Shaker that contains Vodka.

Outerspace Vodka offers a unique "Alien Head" bottle.  This 50 ml vodka comes from The Marsalle Company out of Illinois and is distilled from grain. It is a nice varietion of the Skull bottles that have been put out in recent years and are popular with collectors.

Flashbang Tequila is an interesting 100 proof 50 ml bottle.  The only downside is the bottle is plastic.  The uniqueness of this bottle usually overrides any collectors dislike of plastic bottles so it still finds its way into many collections that otherwise don't contain plastic bottles.

Gold Bar American Whiskey is a unique bottle that is shaped like a Gold Bar.  All the whiskey passes through a gold Plated Barrel during production.  The round "coin" label that seals the lid is embossed and nicely detailed.  You don't have to be a Whiskey collector to enjoy this bottle.

There are numerous Scotch distilleries to choose from when collecting.  Bowmore is one of these and there are a wide variety of bottles (different ages, different finishes as well as many commemerative bottles) avallable.  Here is a boxed set of their 12, 15 and 18 year old.

Old whiskies are often times hard to find and sought after by many collectors.  This old 79 is a California Whiskey and is the 100th California whiskey a collector added to his collection.  This particualr collector has one of the (if not the) nicest collection of old Whiskies around.

If you want so see additional bottles, take a trip to the minibottle library ( There you will find pictures of over 85,000 mini Liquor bottles.

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