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The first Mini Bottle Collecting clubs started to emerge in the late 1960's.  Collectors of Mini Liquor bottles (or airplane bottles as they are sometimes known) started banding together to help each other find bottles and share collections with each other.  Some clubs had annual shows or conventions (that still occur) where collectors could get together for a weekend of trading , selling and finding bottles from other areas.  During the 1970's and 1980's there was a big boon in the U.S. with many companies making miniature bottles, particualr miniature figural bottles became popular with companies like McCormick, Ski Country, Lionstone and Hoffman (to name a few) put out hundreds of different figural bottles.  With the Advent of the internet, it became easier to find bottles and sites like e-bay helped people easily find new bottles for their collections.  It also made it easier to find international collectors and clubs, helping collectors from all over the world find each other.   Today you will find bottle clubs in exsistence all over the world and many collectors have turned to facebook to share their collections.  Most clubs meet once or twice a year with only a few that meet more often than that.  Today you can find bottle conventions and meetings occuring in the U.S. , The U.K., New Zealand, Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, Tawain, Hong Kong and more.  Collections range from a dozen or so bottles to thousands and thousands of bottles.  Some people only collect specific Liquors (Scotch,Boubon, Vodka, Tequilla) while others collect anything they can get their hands on.

Other Clubs and useful links

Germany -German Registered Association of Miniature Bottle Collectors

Italy-Club Delle Mignonettes

New Zealand-New Zealand Miniature Bottle Club (effective Feb..2017 the New Zealand club no longer charges dues to join, they reserve the right to start charging dues in the future if club finances dictate the need)


UK-The UK Mini Bottle Club

Ukraine-Ukraine Mini Bottle Club

MMBC-Midwest Miniature Bottle Collectors

Minibottle Library-Most extensive collection of mini bottle photos

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